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  • Gentle radicalism

    Despite several flaws in reasoning, Roaring Lambs provides a compelling argument for Christians to transform culture.

  • Tuning in without tuning out

    How does the agricultural commentary of Jesus apply to our relationship with modern technology?

  • I am the church, you are the church

    Where does *cino stand in relationship to the universal church? Here's an exploration of what our organization is and is not.

  • The intimacy of Vespertine

    Bjork's unique album is ideal for winter atmosphere when closeness and introspection are essential.

  • <b>*cino</b> needs YOU, pt. II

    An opportunity to consider the question, "What is *cino worth to you?"

  • <b>*cino</b>: the mission and vision

    If you've been wondering what *culture is not optional is all about, check out our latest attempt to explain ourselves. Hint: it's got something to do with our motto?

  • <i>catapult</i> provides unique online community

    Our online magazine has something to offer for every Christian who's ever gotten a warm, fuzzy feeling when they heard the word "culture."

  • Helping students develop their culture vision

    *cino proposes to expand and market a media discernment curriculum developed by the author that is already being used successfully at Illiana Christian High School.

  • Why <b>*cino</b> is necessary

    A dream leads to a vision: the role of *cino in working alongside the global Church.

  • Grace in recording

    A Christian musician with a professional recording studio wrestles with tough questions as he confronts lyrics and actions in his business dealings that he doesn?t necessarily approve of.

  • Dealing with devil music

    A review of William Romanowski?s newest book, Eyes Wide Open.

  • Thorough converts

    American Protestant universities are currently faced with the challenge of defining an approach to culture that fears neither questions nor answers. In this sense, what does an effective institution look like?

  • College and culture

    How can the college experience affect an individual's lifelong approach to culture?

  • Engaging culture in the land where God has placed us

    What can we learn from Old and New Testament figures about actively engaging culture?

  • What kind of community is this?

    How far have we come in a year and where are we headed next?

  • Under my skin

    A period of service in Haiti leaves a language arts teacher transformed.

  • Whether we eat or drink

    A basic explanation of neo-calvinism.

  • A foot in both camps

    Some personal observations from a Lutheran adopted by a pretty cool bunch of Reformed folk.

  • Feed the hungry

    *cino's efforts address a desire for an intellectually engaging faith approach that speaks to all of life.

  • A working worldview

    Students promote solidarity in the quest for Christian cultural engagement.

  • culture*survey

    A sampling of interesting pop culture happenings that will either whet your appetite or ruin it.

  • Asterisk a-what?

    A little background to explain what went into our decisions about why and how to conduct the First Annual Asterisk Awards.

  • A catapult FAQ

    Answers to some basic questions you may have about this online magazine and an explanation of this unusual issue.

  • Building a just house

    Should efforts toward the right to read what we want be eclipsed by efforts to ensure basic human dignity for our brothers and sisters around the world?

  • On the need for monks

    The Twilight of American Culture by Morris Berman discusses tactics for survival in the coming dark age.

  • St. Gregory's Abbey and Benedictine monasticism

    An exploration of monastic values and practices and how the monastic life can inform the lives of those outside of the monastery.

  • Appropriately anxious or insanely cocky?

    How should we live as Christians in culture? A lesson from Paul and Silas.

  • Overcome with Passion

    Why evangelicals need to get smart about movies.

  • Testing the spirits

    What role do discernment skills play in our efforts to successfully engage culture?

  • Cornerstone is not optional

    This year?s music festival will be the first official ^camping is not optional event of 2004.