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Items tagged conversion

  • Sunshine after the storm

    A family endures a painful situation to discover the enduring beauty of God's grace.

  • Revolution and conversion

    As we begin a new year, let's commit to positive change in whatever capacity we are equipped.

  • Telling time

    A series of meditations, stories and quotes on the nature of time, change, and grace.

  • Rediscovering fascination

    The distance from formal education combined with the busyness of daily life requires a transformation of study habits.

  • Into Esther

    A keynote address from Jubilee 2006 that takes a look at what one of the Old Testament's more obscure texts is speaking to us here and now.

  • Patricia Louise

    A memorial for a mother who had a passion for broken things.

  • Confessions of a recovering Pharisee

    A tee totaling re-convert discovers the nuances of Christian liberty.

  • Losing my convictions

    How letting go can turn into holding on in a better way.

  • Interrupting God

    Two conversions become reflected in two different lexicons and perceptions of language.

  • The gift of life

    A moment of near tragedy becomes a moment of grace in the journey toward God.

  • For sale: Jesus

    On the bait-and-switch methods of contemporary evangelism.

  • The loud silence of disbelief

    An undesired lesson in what not to say to your small group.

  • Saving numbers

    Questioning the church’s obsession with quantifiable data.

  • Left behind

    The existential crisis of the summer camp altar call.

  • Being known

    Don’t let your heart go cheap.