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  • Radical gathering

    On the relevance of community to September 11

  • Some say the Midwest is dying

    A young couple mourns and celebrates the passing of time as they visit the small town of Hospers, Iowa.

  • The show must go on

    The Eminem Show combines technical improvements with the same flair for controversy presented in earlier efforts.

  • Gentle radicalism

    Despite several flaws in reasoning, Roaring Lambs provides a compelling argument for Christians to transform culture.

  • The ties that bind

    A teen-aged boy struggles with the many dimensions of what it means to be his brother's keeper as he cares for his mentally handicapped older brother.

  • Building Community

    What does the Bible say about our responsibility to build community?

  • <i>camping is not optional</i> 2002

    Shared vision provides instant community at the annual camping is not optional event.

  • Bean-counting and babysitting

    Spending an afternoon in a house that two families share reveals the benefits of an option more families should consider.

  • Paradox and the Fall

    Since the Fall, God uses our weaknesses to build community and helps us gain a sense of Eden's bliss.

  • Is Halloween a trick or a treat?

    We asked several of our members to respond to the questions, "What was Halloween like for you as a kid? If you have kids, what is your response to it now?"

  • I am the church, you are the church

    Where does *cino stand in relationship to the universal church? Here's an exploration of what our organization is and is not.

  • *cino needs YOU

    As we live in a spirit of gratitude, we can also actively seek to receive God's blessings.

  • Radical vision made real

    A suburban Chicago church is following a difficult but rewarding path in an effort to bridge racial gaps, give away more money, and conform to the biblical model for church.

  • ^camping provides practical community experience

    Two annual camping trips have confirmed the need to periodically share journeys face to face.

  • Web of connections

    cino*connect, the online network of *culture is not optional, will bring people together for practical purposes.

  • Reviving Acts 2

    *cino acts+two communities propose cooperative education among local churches.

  • Why <b>*cino</b> is necessary

    A dream leads to a vision: the role of *cino in working alongside the global Church.

  • Practice for the "real world"

    College students who participate in the *cino off-campus program will learn how to practically apply the principles they're learning in school to life after college.

  • A lesson from the Smurfs

    cino*communities aim to inspire a more radical Christian presence in local communities through intentional living houses.

  • Tasting the good life

    As small farms around the world are succumbing to corporate agriculture, a southwest Michigan couple is embarking on the road of the small-scale farmer for the first time. An interview and photos tell their story and explain more about Community Supported Agriculture.

  • Offering hope for local food sources

    In his first year as a CSA farmer, the author is grounded in the faith values that sustain his hard work.

  • Higher education

    Discipleship involves more than just the gathering of knowledge.

  • Ain't nothin' noble about it

    A family finds a perfect home in a "changing" neighborhood.

  • The Church must change or die

    Brian McLaren's A New Kind of Christian, while evading some difficult questions, puts forth a good argument for the Church's need to adapt to postmodernism.

  • Coolness kills community

    A timeless craze threatens to isolate teen-agers from other people and from God.

  • Waiting for the rising

    A few life lessons from the ghosts of my ancestors.

  • What kind of community is this?

    How far have we come in a year and where are we headed next?

  • Warning: Shared burdens ahead

    Is perpetual exhaustion ever a part of God?s will?

  • Growing and living in Christian community

    A conversation with Jon Trott from Jesus People USA.

  • Commuting to Africa

    A North American woman finds home on a vast and colorful continent that inspires both incredible joy and difficult questions.