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  • Building a just house

    Should efforts toward the right to read what we want be eclipsed by efforts to ensure basic human dignity for our brothers and sisters around the world?

  • A home is not built in a day

    Practical advice for designing and building your own home.

  • On home-building

    Building your own home can be a rewarding adventure when you apply your values.

  • Building a family

    A family tree bears more than just skilled contractors.

  • The church proper

    How the variety of buildings in which we worship reflect larger tensions and ideas, particularly for multi-generation families.

  • Interior formation

    What is the effective difference between a cathedral and an auditorium?  A sparse Protestant dais and Orthodox iconography?

  • Let us build a house

    A renovation project sparks ideas about the interplay of images and values embodied in bricks and mortar.

  • A revolution for our time

    Why we need sustainable building solutions now.

  • Dream home

    A reflection on the purpose of a home and how to be attentive to the story it tells.

  • Audacious imagination

    On making a counter-intuitive move in a time of tightening belts.

  • Ten things we imagine at Huss School

    Modest proposals for the future life of 22,000 square feet and four acres.

  • A model of inefficiency

    Why the built environment matters in shaping priorities and possibilities.

  • A neverending story

    Forget grandma’s brooch -- what do you do when you inherit a 27,000 square foot building?