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  • Asterisk a-what?

    A little background to explain what went into our decisions about why and how to conduct the First Annual Asterisk Awards.

  • Film 2003

    The Lord of the Rings series emerges as the popular favorite, with many lesser-known works making the list as well.

  • Music 2003

    Evidence that, though our lives for all intents and purposes look similar, our cultural experiences vary widely.

  • Television 2003

    Who knew there were so many sports fans lurking about the site?

  • Radio 2003

    What would we do without public radio?

  • Books 2003

    Looking for a good read? This list has something for everyone.

  • Theatre 2003

    In sum: we haven't seen enough.

  • Art 2003

    From lesser-known to well-known artists, visual art remains an important element of culture.

  • Internet 2003

    A look at where we spend our time in the so-called virtual world.

  • The Church 2003

    The institutionalized body of believers bears both signs that we've missed the mark and signs that there's a lot to be hopeful about.

  • And the winners are . . .

    An opportunity to take note of an individual and an organization who have been influential in the past year, practically serving and helping others serve the God who is Lord of all of life.