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Spring Cleaning

vol. 10, num. 6 :: 2011.03.25 — 2011.04.07

Snow melts and the leaves that piled up in the corners reveal themselves.  Eagerness for summer boils over into a closet cleansing.  Is a clean house a prerequisite for or an impediment to hospitality?  To peace of mind?  On the ways in which cleaning leaves us weary or satisfied, annoyed or at ease.    



Disinfected mind

When does cleaning become more than a healthy habit?


Sweeping, not swept up

On scrubbing consumerism's stain out of our cleaning rituals.


Clean green

A beginner's guide from the shopkeeper of Love Your Mother earth-friendly goods.

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Deep cleaning

Attempting to invoke patience one closet at a time.

With a spring in my step and a mop in my hand

Of sanity and hospitality in a home that's dirty enough to be happy.

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In case you missed it the first time

The sacrament of laundry

Within the folds of clean clothes, a mother discovers something about her own mother.

Cleanliness is adjacent to godliness

On finding God in the dish water, vacuum cleaner and toilet.

Weaving the web

Getting Clean

What is the sound of one hand washing again and again and again?



Caroline Langston on keeping the house mindfully.


daily asterisk

It is relatively easy to find talent; it is hard to form teams. In hiring I suspect most companies and organizations pay too much attention to the former and too little to the latter….  Obviously good teams take advantage of each members comparative advantage, but there is something else going on here, some chemistry that leads to the inner transformation of individuals, providing bursts of confidence, bursts of loyalty to one another, bursts of hard work and commitment. I wish I understood it. The key to success is not found in the individual members but in the quality of the space between them. I can only note that a good team is based on some sort of mutual love, and we want to honor what we love and become what we love.

David Brooks
"The Structures of Growth" in The New York Times

Hat tip:  Barry Heywood

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