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In Process 2

vol. 3, num. 16 :: 2004.10.08 — 2004.10.21

Each day, each life can be seen as a series of small journeys. What are the steps we take in the various processes of our lives and why are they important to us?



Collaborative creation

An artist learns to connect his craft with Sunday mornings.


The issue in process

From driving brainstorms to way past our bedtime, an account of how our issues come into being.


Repentance and peace in Ireland

An exploration of repentance in the context of Northern Ireland offers insight into a complex healing process.

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Faith pilgrimage

A college professor shares a story of living in relationship with God.


Searching for home

A review of the film Garden State.

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In case you missed it the first time

Lift up my eyes to the mountains

A banner artist displays her process via photos.

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Favorite mistakes

On the process of making a rock and roll album.




All you ever wanted to know about ?

On seven stages in the journey of faith.


"His Body, broken for you"

A last-minute duty yields lasting revelation.

daily asterisk

Worship is a world-making endeavor. By singing songs of praise to God, we proclaim the source of ultimate sovereignty in the world. By singing the poem of Colossians 1:15-20, the early church subversively announced that Christ, not Caesar, is Lord. By singing that song today, we proclaim that Christ – not the global market, not he president of the United States, not Microsoft, not military might – is the Lord of our lives. In the face of empire, “what is needed is imaginative, liturgic world-making that enacts a world more credible than the world of empire.”* By reciting these stories to each other in worship, we shape our imaginations in a way that engenders an alternative praxis, a character shaped in the image of God.

Brian Walsh & Sylvia Keesmaat
Colossians Remixed

* - Walter Brueggemann

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