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In Kind

vol. 8, num. 20 :: 2009.10.16 — 2009.10.29

Every year in the U.S. and around the world, millions of people volunteer, adding up to billions of dollars’ worth of time. Service creates a form of exchange not based on monetary profit, but on other benefits for individuals and communities. So how do we choose where and when to volunteer?



Things I carry with me

A collection of thoughts gathered during time spent in Africa.


Paid in hope and heartbreak

Why I volunteer -- and create opportunities for others to do the same.


Volunteering as a way of life

A recent graduate explores the benefits of full-time volunteering through Mennonite Voluntary Service.

For whose glory?

On learning to see God's love in action, not ours.

Conversation: “In Kind”

Your opportunity to contribute thoughts about volunteering -- why you love it, why you hate it.


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In case you missed it the first time

The cost of short-term missions

Americans spend millions of dollars each year on short-term mission trips to developing countries. Do these trips do more harm than good?

Gainful unemployment

A resigned nurse learns to be still and value a new kind of productivity.

Dreamers vs. Dreamingers

A freelance development worker reports on the state of Africa and his own sense of hope.

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Weaving the web

Mennonite Voluntary Service

One of many opportunities to spend a year in service—check it out.


One family beating the recession by traveling the Americas

A creative glass-half-full idea in response to getting laid off.


daily asterisk

God works, by the Holy Spirit, through the reading, teaching, and preaching of scripture, to create new frameworks of ideas, to remind us of facets of the story we were in danger of forgetting, to correct imbalances, and above all to stir our hearts and minds with fresh visions of God’s love. It is, after all, love that creates all the other virtues: God’s love, to which all moral effort is merely an answering word of thanks, praise, and returned love. And scripture is nothing if not the story of God’s love – God’s love in creation, in Israel, in Jesus, by the Spirit, in new creation. The more we are people of the story, the examples, the community, and the practices, the more we will understand scriptures, and vice versa. And the more we join them together, the more we shall be formed into a community, locally, globally, and across time, in whose lives the Jesus habits of faith, hope, and love have become second nature.

N.T. Wright
After You Believe

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