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Ideas Have Legs

vol. 7, num. 10 :: 2008.05.16 — 2008.05.30

The Nazi worldview was one of the past century’s most striking examples of a set of ideals that sprouted legs and trampled over half the world, leaving behind unparalleled devastation.  Though Hitler represents an extreme example, worldviews have significantly shaped movements throughout history and around the world.  What do we see when we take a critical look at the past, present and future?



Melinda Mae Missiology

Examining our role in “building” God’s Kingdom here on earth.


Nazis and fashionistas

How two films opened a window on walking ideas.


Painting the Incarnation

On the incarnation of ideas into art in Chaim Potok’s acclaimed novel, My Name is Asher Lev.

Is it believable?

Expanding a commonly asked question about the Bible and Christian faith.

The tide of trash

On what happens when conflicting ideas take walks around the same neighborhood.


Learning new ways

A review of Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

Annealing life on the anvil

A review of Todd McCarthy’s film The Visitor.

Zooming out

A book review of The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson.

Philosophy in the family

A book review of Gum, Geckos and God: A Family's Adventure in Space, Time and Faith by James S. Spiegel.


In case you missed it the first time

Bean-counting and babysitting

Spending an afternoon in a house that two families share reveals the benefits of an option more families should consider.

Good things from the earth

An interview with Krista Bogertman about makeup and personal care.

The designed object

A workshop presented at Practicing Resurrection at Russet House Farm, August 11-12, 2006.

Weaving the web

Lawn pox

Tom Vanderbilt on children’s play equipment and the decline of the American lawn.


Art museum: Cathedral or cancer?

Architect David Greusel writes about the incarnation of ideas in art museum renovations.


In a New Generation of College Students, Many Opt for Life Examined

Winnie Hu on burgeoning philosophy programs in U.S. universities.




The sacred and the profane

A reflection on the relationship between grey areas and truth.

daily asterisk

Even in a country you know by heart
its hard to go the same way twice
the life of the going changes.
The chances change and make a new way.
Any tree or stone or bird
can be the bud of a new direction. The
natural correction is to make intent
of accident. To get back before dark
is the art of going.

Wendell Berry
“Traveling at Home” from Traveling at Home

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