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Half an Acre

vol. 8, num. 14 :: 2009.07.02 — 2009.07.16

Sometimes it’s a seller’s market, and then other times it’s a buyer’s market.  And in all times there’s an urge to purchase property, to invest in a plot of land for both practical and symbolic reasons.  What’s good and not-so-good about ownership?



Promised land gone

Warning: asking long-time neighbors about family history might surprise you.

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Singing still

A musical tour of sentiments about ownership.


Small life

On the complexity of simplicity and giving up the closet.

Dwelling places

A reflection on the complicated consideration of where to live.

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Dreams for sale

Tracing a family's history and values through home spaces.

The story of our home

On reinforcing a sense of identity through loss.

Conversation: “Half an Acre”

Your opportunity to contribute thoughts about home, land and ownership.


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In case you missed it the first time

Ain't nothin' noble about it

A family finds a perfect home in a "changing" neighborhood.

Taking a deep breath

Creating a home that is right respite for yourself and others.

On home-building

Building your own home can be a rewarding adventure when you apply your values.

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Weaving the web

The giant pool of money

A surprisingly entertaining account in layman’s terms of how the U.S. got itself into the current housing crisis.


daily asterisk

A strong appreciation of servanthood entails a high estimation of labor. In this regard it is valuable to remember that several of the church fathers saw labor in the garden as a good rather than a curse, since it provided the opportunity to enter into a fruitful conversation with the orders of nature. To be sure, the work of our hands and the sweat of our brow, when distorted, can reflect a divine curse. But labor in itself need not be bad. It can be the expression of delight. It can be the opportunity through which human intelligence is developed and harmony between humanity and nature established. Work, in other words, can be the expression of thankfulness to the creator for a creation that is productive and, in many cases, amenable to human effort and intelligence.

Norman Wirzba
The Paradise of God

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