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catapult magazine

vol. 3, num. 5 :: 2004.02.27 — 2004.03.11

A word loaded with meaning summons different images for everyone, both positive and negative. What are the nuances of discipline in our lives and what is its proper function?



St. Gregory's Abbey and Benedictine monasticism

An exploration of monastic values and practices and how the monastic life can inform the lives of those outside of the monastery.


One thing leads to another

On the importance of keeping commitments to others and to self.


The three-second prayer

On the eventual importance of rattling off the indecipherable blessing.

Late-night thoughts on feasting and fasting

Feasting and fasting as the yin and yang of Lent.

?Return to your fortress, O prisoner of hope?

The importance of the spiritual disciplines in helping us become like Christ.


I survived The Passion of The Christ

The long-awaited film is finally here—what can we make of media opinions now that we can finally see it for ourselves?

Listening to literature

A review of Speak What We Feel (Not What We Ought to Say): Reflections on Literature and Faith by Frederick Buechner.


daily asterisk

Even in a country you know by heart
its hard to go the same way twice
the life of the going changes.
The chances change and make a new way.
Any tree or stone or bird
can be the bud of a new direction. The
natural correction is to make intent
of accident. To get back before dark
is the art of going.

Wendell Berry
“Traveling at Home” from Traveling at Home

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