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Theology & Worldview


At some point in our development, we become aware that there are insiders and outsiders when it comes to various social contexts -- politics to playgrounds, workplaces to Sunday school.  How we respond to this awareness varies greatly from one person to another.  Where do you stand?

Teaching Well

From pre-schoolers through tenured professors, folks in the northern hemisphere have settled into the routines of the academic year.  For many, this rhythm eventually ends, but for teachers it can last for decades.  Who stands out in your story as an excellent teacher?  How are you trying to be a good educator, vocationally or otherwise?


Music, films, photographs, paintings, poetry -- good art moves us, provokes a reaction. What works of art have moved you in your life? What works of art have motivated a change in behavior, either immediately or over time? Perspectives from the artist and the audience.

From Dust, To Dust

Lent is a time of remembering, among other things, how short and insignificant our lives are.  Some of us need frequent reminders that put us in our places, while others seem to live in the darkness of Lent all year round, constantly aware of their own flaws.  What’s good (or not) about self-esteem?     


Unto us a child is born, but this is no ordinary child. This child grows older and, for better or worse, turns the whole world upside down -- for some, anyway. For others, he’s a non-event. For others, well, it’s complicated. Exploring what the person of Jesus Christ means to different people.


With the sparkle of holiday lights come constant appeals to our consumer instincts, from both for-profit and non-profit institutions alike. Each one is telling a story and want us to be a part of it. What’s good about branding? Where has it gone wrong?


Throughout human history, we’ve expressed our ideas about truth with images that carry vastly different meanings. Think: hanging it on a flagpole or panning for gold or trying to catch a moonbeam in your hand. Do you meet the word with a swell of confidence or a shudder of unease? Or maybe both?


Loving marginalized people is a nice theoretical idea from the comfort of our homes where we can decide whom to let in and whom to keep out. But what about working it out in messy, real-time relationships? What about when we make ourselves vulnerable...and suddenly find others depending on us?


Our burdens manifest themselves emotionally, spiritually, physically, individually, communally -- and sometimes in multiple ways all at the same time. What kinds of heaviness do we solemnly accept? What kinds do we fight as if our lives depend on it? And why?

A Good Sermon

One of the few places adults still regularly gather after they graduate from school to listen to someone speak is in church. Admit it: your attention wanders as badly as your kids’. Or maybe you’re a note taker. Or maybe you can remember a sermon that changed something for you forever. What makes a good sermon—either from your perspective in the pews or in the pulpit?