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Society & Institutions

Family Planning

We call it “family planning,” even though much of what happens in starting and cultivating a family could rightly be called a surprise, pleasant or otherwise.  On the principles and experiences of such efforts.

On Topic

From mild interest to obsession, certain topics claim a portion of our attention.  What draws us to certain subjects, as individuals and as communities?  In what ways do we respond to that draw?


You’re probably tired of hearing about it already, but there are still four months to go.  Beyond the parties and punditry are a lot of questions Christians should be asking and seeking good answers to, especially American Christians steeped in an election year.

The Artist & the Toothpaste

What is happening to the world when a teen-ager confuses a reference to a renowned Baroque painter with a widely available brand of dentifrice?  This issue will look at the relationship between contemporary popular culture and what came before.

Fame & Fortune

It’s easy to look at Britney and decry the destructive power of fame and money, but what about Bono?  And how many of us daydream about winning the lottery or becoming independently wealthy so we can give it all away?  And yet, most people find themselves stuck, by choice or by circumstance, in a more moderate income bracket.  On fame and fortune, scarcity and abundance, ambition and contentment.