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Ten Things 4

Our annual feast of lists on a wide range of topics, spanning the past year, the past ten years or a lifetime of learning and being.


With the sparkle of holiday lights come constant appeals to our consumer instincts, from both for-profit and non-profit institutions alike. Each one is telling a story and want us to be a part of it. What’s good about branding? Where has it gone wrong?

Fasting, Feasting

One of the symptoms of overconsumption in North America is the inability to feast well; we cannot feast because we do not fast, and the phenomenon covers everything we consume, from food to media. What does an appropriate rhythm of feasting and fasting look like?


“Life is all about...” We can complete that sentence many ways. Some would say it’s all about learning how to die -- how to let go of ourselves, how to trust what happens next, how to live a life we feel okay leaving behind. How have you come to understand your legacy?

A Good Sermon

One of the few places adults still regularly gather after they graduate from school to listen to someone speak is in church. Admit it: your attention wanders as badly as your kids’. Or maybe you’re a note taker. Or maybe you can remember a sermon that changed something for you forever. What makes a good sermon—either from your perspective in the pews or in the pulpit?

Going to the Chapel...Again

Two months after our issue about marriage and weddings, we’re re-visiting the topic to explore more specifically the unique aspects of getting married again -- planning another wedding, blending families, combining possessions, healing from past hurts.

System Overload

Is there really a man behind the curtain? Or is the notion of controlling “machine” just the paranoid imagining of conspiracy theorists? Reflections on how we live daily with the sense that something is not quite right with what humans have made of the world.

Wake Up

From Plato’s allegory to contemporary films, stories abound that characterize human beings as slaves to illusion. Some might say that we love to be lied to, while others would contend that being fully awake is the only way to be fully human. On the pleasure and pain woven through process of waking up.

Going to the Chapel

The earth is waking up, the birds are singing, people are falling in love and wedding plans are materializing. Throughout every human culture, wedding rituals have evolved, taken hold and then changed again. How can these ceremonies reflect our deepest values? Where are the key points of friction, change and creativity today?

A Job to Do

The resurrection of Jesus is good news, and it’s also a whistle sounding: get to work! Some Christian traditions emphasize “spiritual” duties like saving souls, while others earn their paychecks (or volunteer stipends) like the Kingdom depends on it. Is there a balance here? Where do these emphases come from and where do they lead?