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Home Economics

The Dying of the Light

Unless you live near the earth’s equator, each year takes us into a time of shorter days.  The rhythm of life changes for plants, animals, land and humans.  For some, it’s a welcome season of slowing down, while for others, it’s an occasion to remember grief.  This issue will be a collection of autumn-inspired reflections.

And the Livin’ Is Easy

For many, summer brings vacations, picnics, outdoor sports and other relaxing activities. For others, however, the grind of suffering, insecurity and discomfort is no respecter of seasons. How do we know if our lives are too comfortable? What's the relationship between comfort and justice?

Spring Cleaning

Snow melts and the leaves that piled up in the corners reveal themselves.  Eagerness for summer boils over into a closet cleansing.  Is a clean house a prerequisite for or an impediment to hospitality?  To peace of mind?  On the ways in which cleaning leaves us weary or satisfied, annoyed or at ease.    

Fasting, Feasting

One of the symptoms of overconsumption in North America is the inability to feast well; we cannot feast because we do not fast, and the phenomenon covers everything we consume, from food to media. What does an appropriate rhythm of feasting and fasting look like?

Half an Acre

Sometimes it’s a seller’s market, and then other times it’s a buyer’s market.  And in all times there’s an urge to purchase property, to invest in a plot of land for both practical and symbolic reasons.  What’s good and not-so-good about ownership?

By Hand

Those in the twenty-first century, industrialized world are increasingly dependent upon virtual realities for everyday tasks. Even the practice of typing on a typewriter has less direct mechanical relationship than that of typing on a computer keyboard. In this context, what is the value in choosing to do something by hand, in person, the old-fashioned way?

Let's Get Together 6

Celebrating six years of publishing catapult magazine with our annual issue on the gift of community. The image in the issue banner is a photograph taken by Neil E. Das at the Light Project (St. Louis, MO). The pictured installation is Chorus by Sebastian Hungerer and Rainer Kehres.

The Artist & the Toothpaste

What is happening to the world when a teen-ager confuses a reference to a renowned Baroque painter with a widely available brand of dentifrice?  This issue will look at the relationship between contemporary popular culture and what came before.

Draw Me a Story

In many academic institutions, graphic novels are emerging as a rich medium for study.  Fortunately, creative storytellers have not been so slow on the uptake and there’s a treasure trove of works already available.  This issue will explore the form of the graphic novel for beginners and fans alike.