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Home Economics

Ten ways to make your house more hospitable

A list about hosting guests that could double as advice for how to live one's life.


Human pace

Reflections on a year of traveling by bus, bike and foot.

Community doesn’t just happen

A group interview exploring the thoughts and ideas that fill the rooms of a big old house in Grand Rapids along with five adults and an infant.


A cage of my own

On finding comfort in familiarity, even in unfamiliar places.

All that I let in

Pondering (invisible) boundaries when it comes to living with other people.


Imperial cohabitation

An evaluation of the messages that limit our household vision.

Secondhand subversive

Shopping to dismantle the empire, one article of clothing at a time.


Renewal in the city

A review of the book The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen.

The piles behind the screen

How the marriage of simplicity and stashing survives under the same roof.


Meet your meat

The story of a family’s journey toward more conscious consumption.