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Home Economics

Feasting on film

A list of mouth-watering movies and the delectables to accompany their viewing.


Let us build a house

A renovation project sparks ideas about the interplay of images and values embodied in bricks and mortar.

Dream home

A reflection on the purpose of a home and how to be attentive to the story it tells.


Second impressions

On learning to see a space through the eyes of hospitality.

A song in my home

How making a first home can be a re-discovery of self.


Resident alien transplant

Taking up life in a new community at a different stage of life presents challenges and promises.

Home away from home

A report from the biennial conference, co-sponsored by *cino and Russet House Farm.


"Community is bullshit"

A harsh welcome becomes a meaningful message.

Gleaning for change

How a couple of abandoned pumpkins helped change my mind.


A porch glider and a glass of sweet tea

A grandmother's humble lessons about what it means to be a woman.