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Home Economics

Piles of ideas

Experiences and conversations converge on questions of keeping.


Practicing Resurrection at Russet House Farm

A report on a community gathering to explore the role of sustainability in a life of Christian faithfulness.

Piled up

How our housekeeping tendencies can shape our identities in relation to others.


Dorm daze in the animal house

On the unique lifestyle of a family that lives in the dorms.

Homing instinct

The transitions of college years provide a canvas on which to create, re-create and discover our identities.


Feels like home

How art became a way to feel at home in many different homes.

The Overflow Room

The room in the corner becomes a multi-faceted symbol.


Cleanliness is adjacent to godliness

On finding God in the dish water, vacuum cleaner and toilet.

The tide of trash

On what happens when conflicting ideas take walks around the same neighborhood.


Learning new ways

A review of Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.