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The Dying of the Light

Unless you live near the earth’s equator, each year takes us into a time of shorter days.  The rhythm of life changes for plants, animals, land and humans.  For some, it’s a welcome season of slowing down, while for others, it’s an occasion to remember grief.  This issue will be a collection of autumn-inspired reflections.

Come Out and Play

The older we get, the less time we tend to devote to the pleasure of play. It's a developmental pattern, but it tends to go too far, to the extent that we can't remember how to play, or why we should. What is the good purpose of play in the lives of everyone from infants to senior citizens? Played any good games lately?

And the Livin’ Is Easy

For many, summer brings vacations, picnics, outdoor sports and other relaxing activities. For others, however, the grind of suffering, insecurity and discomfort is no respecter of seasons. How do we know if our lives are too comfortable? What's the relationship between comfort and justice?

Out of My Mind

Mental illness doesn't have the stigma that it did a century ago, but that doesn't necessarily lessen its impact on the lives of those who struggle with it personally or in relationship with others. Stories from within and outside of affected minds.


For some, the turning over of the calendar is an opportunity to embrace a transition to something new, while for others, major life changes don’t follow the calendar year quite so neatly. This issue features stories of newness: new places, new people, new jobs, new limitations, new identities and more.

On Retreat

Many folks will take at least one vacation over the summer, but vacation can be quite different from retreat. Some people rarely or never feel inclined to go on retreat, while others can’t imagine going without them on a regular basis. On the who, what, where, when, why and how of stepping away.


Those of us who are particularly susceptible to guilt’s maddening power resent those who are impervious—and then promptly feel badly about it. Some use it as a weapon, while some contend it’s ultimately useless. Is guilt always bad? What happens when we experience too much or too little of it?

Out of Control

Changes of season, holidays, birthdays, aging—there are many things we can predict and expect throughout our lives. But what about the things that are beyond our control? How can our mundane routines shape our responses to the things that catch us off guard, for better or worse?

Getting the Joy

“I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart,” goes the Sunday school song.  Many who grew up in the Church wonder whether they really learned the reality of that song, or just a tune with accompanying words and gestures.  How does one “get the joy”—or get it back when it’s been lost?

Life Abundant

If we’re faithful, God will bless us with material wealth. If we’re faithful, we will live in voluntary poverty. Christians past and present argue and live both of these positions with equal tenacity…so what is abundance and what is its relationship to scarcity? What does prosperity look like in the Kingdom of God?