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Family & Relationships


Take an object of negligible value and attach a great-great-grandparent to it and you have an article of infinite value -- in some cases.  On the things we hold dear, and the things that lose their luster between generations.


Sometimes they’re no fun and they hurt someone, but other times they protect us from things that might wound us.  A secret spilled can be a relief or it can be a tragedy.  On secrets kept and shared.

I Love My Place

For some, the relationship to the places where they live is characterized by fidelity, not unlike a marriage relationship.  What does it mean to love our places in sickness and in health, for better or worse, ‘til death do us part?

Radical gathering

On the relevance of community to September 11


Sock feathers

A child's approach to language can remind us to leave our pride behind when we seek the kingdom.

Potholes on Sesame Street

The problems with the popular television show and with the medium of television in general outweigh the potential educational value.


Sunshine after the storm

A family endures a painful situation to discover the enduring beauty of God's grace.

Is Halloween a trick or a treat?

We asked several of our members to respond to the questions, "What was Halloween like for you as a kid? If you have kids, what is your response to it now?"


Pro-life focus too narrow

Attending the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., as a chaperone raised more questions than it answered about the traditional Pro-Life movement.

The meaning of Pro-Life

A series of five high school devotionals challenges students to adhere to the broad definition of "pro-life" by protecting the lives of the all God's children: the born, the unborn, and the self.


"Living in sin"

A pastor's letter to two beloved members of his congregation who are engaged and living together.

When changing your mind goes public

An interview with Bethany Torode about her seven-year journey since publicly advocating for Natural Family Planning at nineteen years old.


Learning to belong

Considering what it means to feel at home as a child of traveling parents.