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Grant’s recommendations 3.7.08

Reviews of two documentary tours, one of the American South to discover evangelical Christianity and one around the world  to explore the nature of human ambition.


Grant’s recommendations 3.21.08

Cinematic explorations of the effects of World War II and the power of music.

Extra copies

On the complexities of giving out favorite books.


No rest, no peace in The Wire

On the broader implications of the upside down world in David Simon’s Baltimore.

Grant’s recommendations 4.4.08

A 1968 film about an English boarding school rebel may send you looking for African folk music.


A beautifully woven tale

A review of Auralia’s Colors, a fantasy novel by Jeffrey Overstreet.

Neither Minnie Mouse nor Wonder Woman

An overview of the genre and two specific novels reveals changing images of women.


Unlikely places

Venturing into the graphic novel genre was a surprise both pleasant and difficult.

Icons and alphabets

An image on the wall tells several stories simultaneously.



Are graphic novels simply too graphic or is this a genre Christians should openly engage?