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Art & Design

Collaborative creation

An artist learns to connect his craft with Sunday mornings.


Grieving in community

A review of Alison McGhee's Shadow Baby with a list of other books that have proved helpful after a loss.

The memory palaces of Joseph Cornell

Exploring the philosophy of an artist whose collage work is suggestive about the nature of time and memory.


On becoming an “artist,” pied beauty and art in community

A talk and slide show from the author's recent photography exhibit.

Wonder-working power

Can a concert be more healing than a visit to the doctor?


A harmonious confluence

An interview with Peter Hicks of the band Aradhna.

The artful bulletin

On how a requisite page became a blank canvas for an entire congregation.


We’re not here

A reflection on I’m Not There, a new film about Bob Dylan.

Watch and wait

A gentle nudge to encounter art.  Soon.


What is art?

High school creative writing students respond to the catapult prompt.