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Art & Design

Art on display

The temporarily defunct gallery needs some attention.


On the need for monks

The Twilight of American Culture by Morris Berman discusses tactics for survival in the coming dark age.

The moral structure of Middle Earth

Matthew Dickerson's Following Gandalf follows the post-movie trend in analyzing Tolkein's works.


Responding to violence

Michael Ondaatje's novel, Anil's Ghost, addresses hopeless violence but doesn't offer any answers.

Passion for art

Why Mark Moscowitz's Stone Reader is a must-see rental for artists and lovers of art.


I survived The Passion of The Christ

The long-awaited film is finally here—what can we make of media opinions now that we can finally see it for ourselves?

Listening to literature

A review of Speak What We Feel (Not What We Ought to Say): Reflections on Literature and Faith by Frederick Buechner.


Overcome with Passion

Why evangelicals need to get smart about movies.

Lionel's search

A review of Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem.


Yearning to be found

A review of Lost In Translation, recently released on DVD and VHS.