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Art & Design

Home run

Albany Park Theater Project’s I Will Kiss These Walls invents a “theater of hope” in the face of foreclosure.


Beware of book lust

Reflecting on the ways books demand our lives.

A book that bites

When a book about vampires overlaps with real life.


Humbled by Frankenstein

On being brought to life by Mary Shelley’s gothic tale.

A masterpiece

Debunking the creative “haves” and “have-nots” from an early age.


Reimagining the picture

Making art as a practice for creating a new family.

Creating room

Experiencing, and making room for others to experience, the Holy in making art.


My notebook full of dishcloths

On the perfectly impractical art of writing poetry.

Beyond my ability

The journey toward words as a chosen medium.


Back at the easel

Pondering the predictability of artistic inspiration.