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Art & Design

Ten lies artists tell themselves

An art director and illustrator speaks to fellow artists from experience.


Ten “spacious” things from 2012

Recounting some of the year’s most hopeful, creative, generous, adventurous, expectant...

Ten books, past and present

Short reviews of C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, Wodehouse and more.


Therefore, put on the dress of joy

A case for delight in dressing ourselves.

Midnight Oil’s progress apocalypse

Recalling the enduring relevance of the Australian band’s warning cry.


Finding real life on The Loneliest Planet

A review of Julia Loktev’s 2012 film about the journey of an engaged couple.

Writing Maleek: A prayer

The road to authoring a children’s book about hunger.


Saying “no” as a filmmaker

Seeking an artistic identity in relationship to Hollywood.

Why I Sundance

Hint: it’s about more than just stalking celebrities (with a little of that, too).


Comfort films

Ten movies worth a second look.