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Art & Design

Stuck in alleluia

A song for the soundtrack of good times and bad.


So lonesome I could dance

Remembering and transforming a lonely time through music.

The charity of art

How one musician’s work became the soundtrack to several decades of a life.


Coffee, uncomplicated

In praise of a morning ritual that awakens creativity.

Reading vs. Alton City

Comparing perceptions of a struggling hometown shared with John Updike.


As one voice

Remembering the joys and challenges of a small town ritual.

Christians and comics

Why comics and graphic novels are the perfect platform to depict biblical imagination.


The gifts of friends

A walk through a through a gallery of creativity, love, encouragement, generosity and friendship.

Imagination: The negative space

What the negative space of imagination can bring to form.



An imaginative profile of a complex character.