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Art & Design

Nevermind your helplessness blues

Viewing the newest Fleet Foxes album through the lens of Nirvana’s generational legacy.


Popcorn and prophets

Gathering around a screen toward repentance and lament.

Colliding with Melancholia

Lars von Trier’s newest film takes on the meaning of ritual at the end of the world.


The hopes and fears of all the years

Reflecting on the films Melancholia and Another Earth as Christmas approaches.

Ten works of art

Remembering the year past through a selection of artfully crafted books, albums, films, paintings, beverages and more.


Ten Jesus films you’ve never seen

An eclectic selection from 1933 through 2008.

Ten (plus) books randomly encountered during the holidays

The riches of literature, discovered throughout Chicagoland.


Suitcases, rubber ducks, game shows and superhuman padres

A review of Home/Land by the Chicago-based Albany Park Theatre Project.

Lost ideas

Reflections from an art director on aesthetic shepherding.


Glad to be “Unwritten”

How a song became a partner in a changed perspective on life.