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i can has internetz

On putting pop culture back into the hands of the populace.


How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

On the results of a steady diet from the industrial entertainment system.

Pop tarts and pop arts

Can food, music and paintings all come in the same zany flavors?


Arguing taxes and Trekkies

On the higher purpose of pop culture debate.

Popularity contest

Examining the notion of popular culture in a segregated society.


The Gospel According to David Lynch

A journey through an appropriately circuitous thought process on an elusive director.

Novel ideas

An interview with Laryn Kragt Bakker, author of the new novel Clutching Dust and Stars, about his writing and publishing process.


Leave your slumber

On hearing the alarm clock sound within the ordinary.

The curtain is torn, the closet is open

An interview with playwright and director Richard Peters on his latest work, David and Jonathan.


The popular and the absolute

Wrestling with truth in the context of taste and interpretation.