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Art & Design

Befriending big bad

Cultivating a mindful approach to watching television.


Dumbing down discernment?

Two philosophy colleagues debate the value of high and low culture for the Christian student.

Grant’s recommendations 6.13.08

Two documentaries, one about soldiers returning from Iraq and one about the history of jazz.


For everything else

A review of Pierre Salvadori’s film Priceless, an unconventional love story.


A foray into the heart of the South and the heart of an artist.


An ordinary radical

A review of Shane Claiborne’s book The Irresistible Revolution.

Kirstin’s recommendations 6.27.08

A film about Communist Romania, a Baltimore art collection and vintage music from She & Him.


Feasting on film

A list of mouth-watering movies and the delectables to accompany their viewing.

Kirstin’s recommendations 7.11.08

Young adult fiction about race and the abuse of power and classic music from Louis Jordan and Patsy Cline, two of the most influential U.S. artists in the 20th century.


Answering to the Coca-Cola Company

On the topic of the caustic wit of novelist and screenwriter Terry Southern.