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What's wrong with Kerry?


Nov 05 2004
03:30 pm

I decided that no matter who won, the nation wasn’t going to hell in a handbasket

Not to resurrect a dead discussion, but I just wanted to add that mrsanniep’s statement is certainly NOT the consensus in my classes here at Northwestern Univ. (go figure, huh?) Thank goodness there are a very few older students and profs who remember the same sorts of hell-in-a-handbasket doomsday predictions during the Reagan era…miraculously, they reminded the rest of us young’uns today, we’re all still alive and well. I get VERY tired of such drama and prophecy around here. Oh, and the assumption that if you’re educated, you’re a democrat. It’s really offensive and arrogant. I voted for Kerry (with reservations and for my own personal reasons), but a whole lot of people I love and respect are Republicans, and I am definitely put off by the attitude of the young, white, liberal elite around me. Someone told the class yesterday that they never even MET a Republican…with the appropriate shudder of horror that always accompanies the word. Sigh.