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What's wrong with Bush?


Oct 29 2004
05:28 pm

Since mrsanniep has called for “some additional levity into the discussion” about why folks don’t feel comfortable voting for John Kerry, I thought I’d add levity by reversing dan’s original question:

What I would like to hear is why specifically those of you who don’t approve of Kerry have decided not to vote for Bush.

And, in keeping with our pre-established rules from the other thread:[list:c3f612971e]
:c3f612971e]point out Bush’s flaws without feeling obligated to point out Kerry’s
:c3f612971e]this is not supposed to be pro-Kerry or anti-Kerry; the discussion here is about Bush


Oct 30 2004
06:31 pm

I’ve never understood how some people can be pro-life and pro-death penalty.
Bush’s environmental record is disheartening. Truly disheartening.
That’s a start, but I’ll let some other folks fill in some of the other blanks.


Oct 31 2004
07:50 pm

janel and i came up with a few:

-bush seems to have surrounded himself with the so-called neocons, and has pushed their agenda, which has made the u.s. more hated in the world, has alienated allies and stoked the fires of anti-u.s. radicalism, and has not acknowledged any of it (everything is rosy)

-bush has set environmental law and policy back by decades, favoring the profits of big business over sustainable stewardship

-bush has ignored science whenever it doesn’t fit his agenda

-bush seems to think that giving corporations breaks (monetary and law-wise) will have a salvific effect on the people. it doesn’t seem to work that way.

-bush espouses a new religion wherein american missionaries spread ‘freedom’ militarily to deliver ‘the Almighty’s gift’

bush has led what is probably the most secretive administration ever-not really a good symbol of the openness and transparency that makes for a good democracy.

-bush displays a startling lack of mathematical skill, enacting gargantuan tax cuts while also spending like crazy…and has a history of blowing his own predictions, which doesn’t tend to make me feel very good about his promises for the future (’it’s getting better! really!’)

-bush hasn’t done anything proactive regarding pro-life issues…signing what is put in front of him, but otherwise all talk.