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health and wealth gospel


Mar 25 2003
12:27 pm

i just read this article from today’s back page about the Christian “health and wealth” or “prosperity” movement:,,2-613491,00.html

since moving to Michigan, we’ve noticed a channel on television that more often than not has gaudily dressed men and women sitting in gold-lacquered chairs on a luxurious stage talking fluffy Christian talk. this is evidence of a syndrome that i think is also responsible for a mega-church where we used to live—the rather infamous church with a Starbucks and ATM in the lobby of a suspiciously casino-like facility. the pastor is known for flaunting his image and wealth like a movie star.

so my question is—what in the world is going on here?! because of the inherent influx of wealth into these churches, they possess the resources to be visible to the general public and i wonder how many individuals have been turned off to the Christian faith entirely by such a superfluous show.

why is this movement such a phenomenon? what are the long term effects of the prosperity gospel? and what should we be doing about it? is it enough to rely on our own personal example to overcome this image of Christianity or is there something more we should be doing as a body of believers?


Greg Slidel
Jun 18 2006
11:34 pm

There are plenty of scriptures that specifically promise believers health and at least enough resources to abundantly meet our needs…because God is a loving God who NEVER intended for His people to be sick, and/or broke.

Just because some of His people are sick, and/or broke…DOES NOT mean this is what God wants for them.

Many things like this are left up to us to do something about, not God.
He provides Salvation for every area of mankind’s existence…but it’s up to mankind to take advantage of what God has provided. It’s not automatic, even once you get born-again.

God did create us in His image, which means we have free will.
He is not going to force us to accept and receive all the wonderful things He desires for us to have.

In these last days, God is revealing to His people that He is a loving Father that desires good things for His people. This is a major problem for many Christians who view God as being a mean kinda guy who wants His Children to barely have enough to get by on and no more.

Search the scriptures for yourself, and think about your Heavenly Father’s never ending love for you. Why would He NOT want you to be well and have all the resources you need to live a decent life here on earth?

I’ve found that only the religious people object to this…apparently because they either cannot read…OR, they’ve decided to believe religious traditions above what scripture teaches.