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Did Bush have another conversion?


Jul 06 2003
10:35 pm

This week I’ve been watching events unfold in Liberia, with Bush paying personal attention to encouraging peace in this wartorn country—even to the point of possibly sending US troops for peacekeeping. Then there is talk of doing something about African poverty and AIDS. And the roadmap for peace in the middle east is making baby steps under American leadership.

Does it seem weird to anyone else that the president who ran on a platform of keeping America out of the international scene, is now acting pretty much the same way Clinton did. Can it be that the man who ran for president has since had a conversion of some sort? —the man who had never travelled to Europe and thought peace in Israel was a waste of his time is now the man who is putting all his efforts into international peace.

I welcome the change. I like the new Bush better. It’s just a bit strange to watch a man change his views so dramatically while in such powerful office. Can it be that since he hadn’t travelled much, he just never thought much about things “over there”?