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demon possession


Feb 10 2004
09:56 am

somewhat related to a situation in my local community:

do you believe an individual can be possessed by a demon? what does a demon-possessed person look/behave like? what is the best response to a person who may be demon-possessed?

demon-possession and miracles alike are very real in the Bible, but don’t seem to figure into our modern religious experiences.


Jun 09 2004
03:01 pm

Yes. I believe in demon possesion. My father is an evangelist and does a lot of work among people with intense bondage that comes from dabbling in the occult or hinduism etc. You won’t believe how shocking it is when you are faced with someone who loses consciousness before your eyes and then another foreign voice speaks from their mouth. This person then becomes something totally different and does things they would normally not be capable of doing. When my father prays, he speaks outright to the spirit and commands it to leave in the name of Jesus. More often than not it refuses and then things get more complicated because then there is some root in the person’s life that gives the devil a foothold. Many times the person may not even be aware of the bondage or the sin. It may be something done in ignorance. My father asks for their name and where they come from and eventually after those things have been dealt with, they are forced to bow the knee and leave. They literally bow the knee! Using the person’s body they get up and bow down and then the person will regain consciousness.
It is more complicated than that and if you want more information you may need to ask more direct or specific questions. My father really knows alot from about 25 years of experience and as for signs of demon possession it is really difficult to say. There are different kinds of possession or shall I say different intensities and they exibit themselves differently. It also depends on what the person was involved in that caused the bondage.
Let me know if I can help.


Jun 11 2004
12:36 pm

Are you only talking about the kind of demon possession seen in the Exorcist or does your father do exorcisms on anyone possessed by any kind of spirit that is not the Spirit of God?


Jun 15 2004
01:04 pm

No its not the kind of exorcism as in the exorcist. It is also not the kind where they throw holy water on you or beat the demons out or anything like that. My dad just prays and they demons or spirits leave. Yes, my dad does pray for anyone possessed by any kind of Spirit which is not from God.
Sorry I took so long to respond but I have been kinda busy lately. If you want to know something more just ask.


Greg Slidel
Jun 18 2006
11:53 pm

demon-possession and miracles alike are very real in the Bible, but don’t seem to figure into our modern religious experiences

Why wouldn’t they?

Did God change?
Did the devil change?
Did the nature of fallen mand change?

Of course not…except for those of us who have been born-again.

Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee.
In my name they will cast out devils

Bunch of scriptures appy to our authority over the powers of darkness.
But, if you don’t know what you’re doing spiritually…you’ll get hurt physically.

Just call the cops if you don’t know what to do!