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bush's religious language


Dec 05 2003
11:40 am

Here’s an interesting article which talks about some issues we’ve touched on in other threads. I’m interested to hear comments on it. It is written by Juan Stam, “a Costa Rican pastor and theologian.”

To entice those who normally do not click links, I am quoting the conclusion:

“It is remarkable how closely Bush’s discourse coincides with that of the false prophets of the Old Testament. While the true prophets proclaimed the sovereignty of Yahweh, the God of justice and love who judges nations and persons, the false prophets served Baal, who could be manipulated by the powerful. Karl Marx concluded that religion is “the opium of the people.” But Marx never knew committed Christians like Camilo Torres of Colombia, Oscar Arnulfo Romero of El Salvador, Frank Pais of Cuba, Ernesto Cardenal of Nicaragua, Dietrich Bonhoeffer of Germany or Martin Luther King Jr. of the United States. How paradoxical, and how sad, that the President of the United States, with his heretical manipulation of religious language, insists on proving Karl Marx right.

And the link is: