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Sep 11 2008
12:45 pm

what is time like when you are taking a test you studied really really hard for, and you know it all? fast, punchy, aggressive, red

what is time like when you are taking a test you know nothing about? (but should) swirly, disjointed, cold, wet, heavy

what is time like when you are just getting to know someone you find really interesting? multi-colored dots, non-existent, warm, alert

what is time like after a long hard working day? sludgey, heavy, opaque, yellow-orange

where has all the time gone? to my head

do chickens reveal anything about time to you? no

some say time goes fast and some say slow, which would you say is more prevalant in your life? way way way way too faaaaaasssssssssttttt

why, if you dare, do you think time has these different aspects or feelings? because time only exists as it does in my head because of my reflection back on it and the way I segment it into events that revolve around me. It gets hopelessly tangled up in my senses.