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The Pot Debate


Nov 02 2006
04:25 pm

I think there are a couple of ways to look at it. Is participating in something that’s illegal sinful? There’s the obvious exception of doing what the Bible says is right that a government may outlaw, but I don’t think this fits that. Then you can look at what pot will do to you. I’ve heard evidence from both sides about how it kills brain cells vs. how harmless it is. I guess that doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Pot changes your perspective. It alters your frame of mind. Is that sinful? Maybe. But chocolate alters my frame of mind too. The Bible says getting drunk is sinful. How about buzzed? Is that just kind of sinful? I like to drink beer because it tastes good. I drink without getting drunk. Are there people who smoke pot without getting stoned? Does that defeat the whole purpose?
I like the idea of pot as medication. I don’t like the idea of injesting a bunch of robitussin to get a buzz if I’m not sick.