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The Death of the CRC?


Feb 12 2007
10:19 am

I never really pictured myself as the optimistic voice when discussing contemporary Christianity and the CRC, but I guess that’s what I was feeling when I read your questions. I’d like to respond to concern number 6. I’m not at all worried that the focus is becoming more political. In fact, I think that’s [b:407ccbe7f5]one [/b:407ccbe7f5]of the directions we need to go. In the past, the CRC has been a bit too quiet and introspective in the political arena. Lets remember that John Calvin was as much a politician as he was a theologian. For 100 years, the battle cry of the CRC has been "Sphere Sovereignty". I think what we are seeing with the political trends, is Calvinists trying to practically use some of our theology outwardly in the political arena. Though I disagree with some of the stands my denomination seems to be making, I love that we are becoming more vocal. I don’t think we’re trading theology for politics. I think we’re trying to apply theology to politics. And while that may shake the church up a bit, I think it’s a healthy, necessary thing to do if we’re going to be salt and light.