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Pella, IA makes Latina magazine!!!


Sep 07 2007
02:25 pm

So I’m at the library here in Chicago, randomly looking through the August issue of Latina magazine, when I see the following letter to the editor:

Dear Pella, Iowa…

Hi, we are a group of Latinas living in Pella, Iowa, a town of 10,000 people who are mainly Dutch and whose motto is: "If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much." Can you imagine? My thinking is that we can put this little town on the map and in your national magazine to give them a wake-up call. I moved here about one and a half years ago from the East coast. One of my goals was to find the Latino families and get us on the map in Pella. Since coming here, I have opened up a coffee, tea, and wine shop. There may not be many Latino families, but those of us who are here are mostly professional women with degrees and businesses. A few of us come together at my place to chat, pray, and laugh together on a regular basis. Every time a new Latino comes to town, they end up at the shop, which is awesome! Recently, some of us got together for a photo shoot. The photo hands in the shop as a reminder to all that enter that we are here to stay!

Camelia Rodriguez Nelson, Pella, IA

(I thought a few people on this board might appreciate the randomness of reading about Pella in Latina magazine.) :D