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Necessary Reading


Jan 31 2005
10:09 pm

The Rule of St. Benedict is great. When you get to reading it, see if you can find a little book called “Spirituality for Everyday Living” by Brian C. Taylor (published by The Liturgical Press. Collegeville, Minnesota, 1989). It’s only about 70 pages, but it’s a great adaptation of the principles of the Rule for lay people and it ties each section directly to readings in the Rule.

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A’Kempis is also a devotional classic.

One of the next things I’m going to read is called “The Cloud of Unknowing”. It’s author is unknown, but is believed to have been an English country priest in the fourteenth century. My Penguin Classics edition was published in 1978. The cover blurb says: “The book’s main theme is that God cannot be apprehended by the intellect, and that only love can pierce the ‘cloud of unknowing’ which lies between (humanity and God).” Sounds like a good reminder for those of us raised on systematic theology.

I should also mention…

The Transforming Vision – Brian Walsh and Richard Middleton: A classic on what a holistic Biblical worldview really looks like.

Subversive Christianity – Brian Walsh: haven’t actually read it yet, but it’s a great title.

I love talking about books. I’m going to go read now.