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May 04 2003
03:18 pm

Budweiser Budvar is available in North America but they are not allowed to use the word Budweiser or Budweis. It goes by the name “Czechvar” here. I haven’t tried it though. I have had Pilsner Urquel on tap but didn’t enjoy it that much. I’m sure it’s much better in the Czech Rep.

One of the many things that makes America great is our diversity and we have great diversity in beer selection. If you go to Germany you’ll be hard pressed to find anything other than the local lagers (which are usually very good but that’s not my point). If you go to England you can get a nice local bitter/pale ale or mass produced lager. etc. Here in the USA we’re blessed with the mass produced lagers that some people prefer or you can fairly easily find “micro” brews producing every style possible. If that isn’t enough we import beer from every great beer producing country in the world. I used to drink english style ales and then discovered Belgian beers, now I’m on a German lager kick. Mixed inbetween I’ll drink whatever’s local. Gotta love it!

and there’s my first post on this here webpage… not what I expected when I signed up!