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Delinquent Asterisk Nomination


Jan 06 2004
04:37 pm

I was fully planning on participating in the asterisk nominations, but after a week of vacation with the family, I forgot entirely. So, here is my belated nomination: Oprah.

Now, hear me out on this. I would like to nominate Oprah’s show for revealing God’s grace this year. It sounds cheesy, but I think that she’s really using her power for good instead of evil. She has this audience of millions, mostly loyal female viewers, and she has done some amazing things with this powerful influence. Her focus on AIDS in Africa this year, and her visit to South Africa really gave a face to AIDS victims, and I’m guessing she got millions of women in the US involved, or at least aware of the cause.

Of course there are so-so episodes, like the one where Beyonce tries to teach Oprah to shake it (Oprah doesn’t do so well), but overall, I’d say Oprah demonstrates grace pretty well.