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The Little Foxes - Still Great Movie on DVD!


Jan 19 2005
11:06 pm

I designed the makeup and lights for this show at Dordt in the late 90’s and absolutely loved it. I found it similar to working on Macbeth—a wonderful lesson in human depravity. It’s amazing how attractive plays like this can be, especially among Christian groups. Maybe it’s because we can project our own guilt onto something a little less immediate than our own existences. I wonder how it worked to be acting in a show like that. I was teching and designing for both Little Foxes and Macbeth, though I guess I did get some of that when acting in Godot, though that was quite a bit different.
I don’t know if this is the direction you were looking to go in vanlee, but it would be interesting to read about the cathartic experience people in different roles go through during a play like “Little Foxes”.
I know Henry played the sickly Patriarch in Dordt’s production, though I can’t remember the character’s name off hand. That character was one of the few innocent ones.