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Festival Prep Reading


Mar 19 2004
08:35 pm

I am so jealous…I so wish I could attend!

I haven’t read [u:576e49c3bb]Godric[/u:576e49c3bb] but I have enjoyed Buechner’s [u:576e49c3bb]Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC[/u:576e49c3bb] and have on my shelf waiting to be read, [u:576e49c3bb]Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy and Fairy Tale. [/u:576e49c3bb]
I just purchased L. Winner’s [u:576e49c3bb]Girl Meets God [/u:576e49c3bb]and [u:576e49c3bb]Mudhouse Sabbath[/u:576e49c3bb]…liking very much her thoughts in [u:576e49c3bb]Mudhouse[/u:576e49c3bb].

Y’all soak up your time at the Festival of Faith and Writing. I am determined to get there next year! It’s hard to read your posts and not be going!