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fahrenheit 9/11


Jul 06 2004
10:30 am

I thought it was really funny! Of course it is one-sided and not fair to Republicans at all, which does bother me. But there are certain images in the film that are impossible to write off. The one that sticks in my head is the one where a reporter is interviewing Cheney and Bush on the tarmack of some airport. First Cheney says something relatively normal and intelligent (I don’t remember about what)—then Bush, who seems to be worried about being showed up, blurts out something much less intelligent. I think images like this will have real staying power. But then again, maybe the people going to see the film were already worried about the fact that the most powerful man in the world has difficulties puttting together a coherent sentence. Actually, Moore could have focussed much more on “cheap-shots” like Bush’s mispronunciations, but he sticks more to criticising his militarism and oil connections. The film was actually better than I expected but I think it would really piss me off if I liked Bush.