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An open letter to Robert, Jimmy and JPJ


Jan 25 2007
01:41 pm

and of course the late Bonzo. Just in case they are frequenters of our beloved Catapult.

My name is Chris Nonhof, and at the risk of sounding like a dorky school girl writing to a flavor-of-the-month boy band, I want to tell you how meaningful your music has been to me. I’m not talking life changing (though I was an all U2 only U2 fan before I met you). I’m talking a right now, immediate gratification thing. It’s the end of the semester at my beloved Cedar Grove/Belgium High School where I’m a teacher. I’m grading a bunch of horrifically written essays—the kind that make me wince. I figured that as long as I was wincing, I was going to do so with some pleasant background music, so I popped my ipod into my dime-a-dozen computer speakers and have been listening to the first disk of the BBC sessions. Thank you for relieving my tension (not to mention frustration and downright anger at times) with some delicious kill-your-mama blues.

Chris Nonhof