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Afraid of the Dark

vol. 3, num. 6 :: 2004.03.12 — 2004.03.25

Fear can function as both a limitation and a guide in our lives. How do we deal with fear, both within ourselves and within our culture?



Appropriately anxious or insanely cocky?

How should we live as Christians in culture? A lesson from Paul and Silas.

Overcome with Passion

Why evangelicals need to get smart about movies.

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Afraid of becoming

How do we stop from becoming the people we least desire to be?


A Beloved Enemy

To overcome pain and fear, we must first desire to let go of our suffering.

Late-night thoughts on what it means to fear God

An unfashionable concept deserves a fresh look.

The abortion journals

An account of overcoming fear of "the other."


Lionel's search

A review of Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem.

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daily asterisk

We’ve never said protests are the answer, but protests create space for the answer. Protest is disruption. Protest is confrontation. Protest is the end of silence and what protest does is it creates space for the other work to happen. And I think that, that space is there. We’ve exposed the problem. Now we’re in the phase where people are like something has to change. People who would otherwise have never focused on this, who would never be in places like this are now interested in it… I also believe that there is truth in storytelling. Black people have always faced these issues as a race and the race would manifest in two ways, either our stories are never told or our stories are told by everybody but us. And in this moment, we actually become our own storytellers. And we’re our own storytellers in the midst of this radical community building.

DeRay McKesson
“DeRay McKesson: He, the Protestor” from Ebony

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