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Chelsea Guest Perez



Chelsea Guest Perez is a painter, sculptor and filmmaker who graduated from of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Her work strives to find the balance between humanity and grace. She is a working artist whose work has been shown at galleries and film festivals in the United States and Canada. Chelsea recently joined InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and works with art students at SAIC. Their group is called In Context: integrating faith and art. Her experience as both a Christian and artist allow her to balance the unique aesthetic, conceptual and spiritual needs of students. Much of the outreach and mentorship of this ministry happens in the context of lectures by visiting artists and theologians; art excursions and discussion groups; related film and video screenings; juried art exhibitions exploring a biblical theme; and conferences. As a Christian in the secular art world, Chelsea is aware of the challenges Christians often face when trying to integrate faith and art. Chelsea is looking for other Christians in the secular art world who would like to reach out to young art students as a visiting artist, volunteer or InterVarsity staff worker.