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Vol 8, Num 1 :: 2009.01.02 — 2009.01.16


Ten compulsive things I do to avoid an unpleasant task

  1. Play Sudoku, especially mega Sudoku on the Washington Post website. Thanks a lot for that link, Laryn and Janel.
  2. Facebook. Maybe check out the pictures that have been recently uploaded, see what’s been posted lately, make new friends, recruit people to my causes, make witty comments on other people’s status updates, etc.
  3. Play with my dog.
  4. Say I can’t do it because the kitty is sitting on my lap and I can’t get up or else I would have to move her and she wouldn’t be very pleased.
  5. Call my husband and complain about how much time he isn’t spending with me.
  6. Make detailed grocery lists and go to the grocery store.
  7. Hang out in the kitchen, maybe make some comfort food-like bread pudding, cookies, those really good peanut butter Rice Krispie treats, etc.
  8. Complain about gaining weight.
  9. Pray and ask God to do the task for me.
  10. Read books one through five of the Dragonriders of Pern series. Then get supplemental books from the library so I can learn more about the fictional characters in the books.

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