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  • Church gallery challenges members

    The current show at St. John's, a photography exhibit titled Images of Thailand, exemplifies the efforts of the church to affect culture by displaying the work of regional artists.

  • Grace in recording

    A Christian musician with a professional recording studio wrestles with tough questions as he confronts lyrics and actions in his business dealings that he doesn?t necessarily approve of.

  • Changing the conversation

    How cultural institutions are recognizing the complexity of ?Christian? art.

  • Music in the name of Christ

    A shorter catechism addressing seven big questions about music in God?s world.

  • Shifting my weight

    An evangelical expatriate considers what led to her most recent major life change.

  • The confusion surrounding Black Friday

    On the contemporary relevance of a risen Savior.

  • Popcorn and prophets

    Gathering around a screen toward repentance and lament.